Monday, June 8, 2009

The rocker trend, thought to be only for those emo and punk rock kids, but designers have modified the style greatly. Anyone can put on tight leather pants, funky and bright colored heels, tease their hair up to the sky and throwon some edgy jewerly. The great thing about the tight leather pants is that they hide your imperfections. They slim your legs instantly and thats why I love them so much. Now, dont get carried away and wear them everywhere, thats where you can be mistaken for the punk rock kid. The rocker look is a perfect night time look, meaning going out for the night with your girls and shipping on martini’s, not even realizing that every guy in the place has their eye on you.

So the best thing to do is find a pair of flattering, skin tight and red hot leather pants, weeellll not exactly leather but pleather leggings. Forever 21 has a fantastic pair for under 15 bucks. You may think I'm crazy for telling you to wear pleather leggings but these pants are a genius because they slim your legs down so much. I garuntee you that it'll look like you lost ten pounds right away. Dont believe me, take a full body picture and look at it, you'll see.
When you dont know what kind of top to wear to it, stick to basics. You can always do a black, white, baby pink top and so on and then you can throw on a black blazer. When doing basic tops, it's always fun to dress up the shirt with a accessories and I mean throw them on! Rings, necklaces, bracelets, put them all on! Just make sure they match together tho. V necks are great too, don't bee shy to wear them just with jeans, I wear mine with everything from flats to heals and skirts. Now, if you are going to wear a fancier top, something with ruffles, beads, or anything of the dramatic sort then stick to basic jewelry like a gold ring or bracelet. Remember, you don't want to bring too much wrong attention to yourself. The black blazer is an edgy accessory to the outfit, but it stills makes you look grown up because its sophisticated. The blazer and the leggings offset eachother.

My favorite thing to do with pleather leggings is to dress my outfit up with shoes by putting in a splash of color. I have these fantastic pair of blue suede closed toe shoes that gives me that edge with my outfit. When wearing black, you can put on any color shoes. Make sure your shoes are edgy like your outfit, you don't want to wear a pair of sandals that you would wear to a prom dress. Bakers has a pair that is almost identical to the shoes that I'm featuring in the post for a fraction of the price (79.99). 


If you are going to be wearing all black, throw in a splash of color. Blue is a clean and adored color. 

Jewerly can make or brake an outfit. Dont mix gold and silver, it may go from looking stylish to tacky.

If you have allot of embelished pieces, then stick to basics underneath. One eyecatching item is enough because you dont want to bring all the attention to yourself.

Black blazers are fun and sophisticated and work great with this outfit. 

You can do something wild with your hair too. Teasing is great because you add volume to your hair, it's quick and easy and makes you look like you just got your hair done by a stylist. 

For your makeup you can do a smothery eye if your bold enough, and if your not then stick to eyeliner and mascara with a bronzy skin color. 

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